WP1 | Preliminary Studies and concept development

Preliminary studies and concept proposals, including market research regarding the potential emergence of innovative products with characteristics close to those intended to be attributed to the product being developed, as well as the definition of comfort , functional and safety requirements, with the objective of obtaining an excellent and competitive final product, preparing it for international markets. In general, this activity proposes to develop the concept and design of the intended product - Adapthouse.

WP2 | Development of studies and elaboration of projects

System's modularity development, including connections and selection of all applied materials, having as reference the functional, safety and comfort requirements. During this activity, it will be possible to elaborate with rigor and detail the architectural projects and other specialities (structural stability, water supply and wastewater drainage networks, electricity, telecommunications, home automation and HVAC). It is also intended in this activity, to study and develop integrated management systems and respective interactive technologies to be applied in the system, as well as to study the feasibility of replicating the concept for other uses.

WP3 | Prototyping and Validation

Manufacturing components to build and assemble a full-scale prototype. During this activity, solutions and system components will be characterized, individually and globally, in order to validate their effective behaviour, regarding several characteristics: physical, hygrothermal, acoustic, mechanical, durability and fire reaction. These procedures will allow the anticipation of any necessary adaptation and/or replacement, before the components' manufacturing phase, as well as possible system optimizations. Also at this stage, the thermal behaviour of the projected constructive solutions will be evaluated, through numerical simulations using specific software.

WP4 | Definitions of manufacturing, transport and assembly specifications

Deepen the marketing strategy and competitiveness of the final product. Production process optimization, in order to improve material and labor usage, with focus on assembly process simplification and transport optimization.

WP5 | Promotion and result dissemination

Product promotion and presentation of its characteristics and advantages. Creation of dissemination support that leads to the dissemination and promotion of the product, through the creation of a website for the project and the preparation of promotional material and content for presentations in dissemination actions - congresses, international fairs, etc. These technical and scientific dissemination actions are an important means to achieve the projected goals, boosting the acceptance of the product on the identified markets.

WP6 | Technical project management

Consortium coordination and project control.