June 22, 2023

On June 22nd 2023 took place the closing workshop of the Adapthouse project, during which there was the opportunity to share the progress achieved through the project, culminating with a visit to the prototype developed during the work done.

On behalf of Forcefer (Promoter) and Itecons (Co-Promoter), we thank the interest of all who attended!

April 29, 2023

Dr. Rosário Fino (ITECONS) presented a lecture on April 29 at the symposium entitled 'Nature is the Capital of the 21st Century - Series of lectures on ecology and environmental sustainability', organized by the Artistic, Literary, Educational and Recreational Association and the Coimbra City Council. The lecture, was entitled 'Modular Housing - Modular houses with the possibility of adapting to different levels of expansion and comfort'. The event took place at the Pavilhão Centro de Portugal, in the Parque Verde do Mondego, in Coimbra.

April 1st, 2021

On April 1st, AdaptHouse project began!