FORCEFER - Engineering Metalomechanics, Ltd.

Forcefer, is a Portuguese company, with a business structured in a limited liability company. It is intended for the manufacture of metallic structures, from the conception of the drawing to the assembly. The target market is 79% national, 20% French and 1% for other countries.

When it comes to modular houses, Forcefer believes that obtaining the ideal house should not be a time-consuming, complex and expensive process. This way, it presents a diverse range of high quality materials that solve, in a versatile and functional way, the issues associated with housing through a quick assembly and disassembly mechanism. It is part of the mission and values ​​of this company, not to remain indifferent in the face of climate change. Forcefer is constantly adapting to this cause, through waste reduction, energy efficiency and sustainability policies.

Thanks to a capable team involved in the research and planning of modular architecture technologies, Forcefer presents prefabricated modular house systems that can be adapted to the different situations for which they are intended, always taking into account the geographic space in which they will be inserted. Not neglecting the utmost concern to meet the needs and expectations of the target audience, always safeguarding eco-efficient issues. Forcefer is a modern company guided by quality and demand, despite having a professional experience of almost a decade it intends to keep in constant evolution and improvement.

ITECONS - Institute for Research and Technological Development for Construction, Energy, Environment and Sustainability

Itecons is an entity of the Portuguese Scientific and Technological System (SCTN). Itecons has modern facilities and highly qualified personnel with experience in performing research and consulting services in Construction, Energy, Environment and Sustainability. Its Quality Management System is certified by APCER. It offers more than 300 tests accredited by IPAC. It is recognized as a Notified Body (System 3) and a Technical Assessment Body, in the context of CE Marking. It is a Technological Interface Centre (CIT) and is qualified to provide services in the context of funding “Vouchers”.